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Wedding Ceremony song Info &  recommendations

For the wedding ceremony you will need to choose songs for the following:

-the entrance of the wedding party (x 1 song)

-the signing of the register (x 2 songs)

-the exit of the married couple (x 1 song)! 

Here are some recommendations and ideas depending on what type of music you would like at your ceremony; whether you are looking for a more contemporary or classical feel here are a few suggestions:

Classic Ceremony 

Entrance: Canon in D

Signing of the register:

River Flows in You by Yiruma

I giorni by Einaudi 

Exit: Wedding March from a Midsummer Night's Dream by Felix Mendelssohn 

Classic Ceremony 

With a modern twist

Entrance: Canon in D

Signing of the register:

Fields of Gold by Sting

Glasgow Love Theme from Love Actually 

Exit: What a wonderful world 

Modern Ceremony 

Entrance: a thousand years

Signing of the register:

Ellie Goulding How long will I love you

Can't Help Falling in Love 

Exit: Your Song

These are some of my favourites and recommended songs because the arrangements are well suited to the harp.

You can of course have a mixture of styles of music and certainly don't need to stick to one genre of music when selecting music for the ceremony, but I get frequently asked to recommend songs for ceremonies which have a classic and modern feel to them, so I thought I would share them with you to give you a few ideas:).

All of the above suggestions are taken from my repertoire list. If there is a song(s) which you would really like to have as part of your ceremony which is not included in my repertoire list I will certainly look into it.*

Please note that religious music is not permitted in civil ceremonies.


Please obtain written confirmation (by email) from the local registry office (where you plan to get married) regarding any music which you would like to be played during the civil ceremony which has any religious connotation.

Please make it clear to the registry office that the song which you would like to be played won't have any words (which is the religious aspect to the song). This is the best way to present the query to stand the greatest chance of being granted permission. It will be at the local registry office's discretion as to whether the music will be allowed to be performed during the ceremony.


Please make sure that if the local registry office grant permission of a song with religious connotations, this confirmation is forwarded to me within 3 months of the wedding. This is to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that there are no objections on the day of the wedding itself. 

*please note song requests outside of my repertoire list are only applicable to the ceremony itself only. 

For further details on ceremony please visit my FAQs. 

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