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What extra info do I need to know if I have a Church wedding?

Please make sure that the church is open at least an hour before I am due to start playing (not an hour before the ceremony starts) as I need to set up. Ordinarily Churches often open up about half an hour before the ceremony is due to start which is too late for me to set up so please make sure that you communicate this to the Church in order to arrange this.


I mention in another one of my FAQ questions to reserve a parking space. This is especially important at a Church as there often isn't much parking available and it can be difficult.


If you would like to or if you have booked me for a church Ceremony and the drinks reception after - after the ceremony I will need to pack the harp back up and be able to move the harp as quickly as possible to get to the next venue, so a clear exit point is necessary to then load the harp into the car. I will also need to bring the car up to the church in order to load the harp into the car so I would need a clear space to do so. Whilst I do this I will need to change back into comfy casual clothes to move the harp, but I will of course transform back again, once I arrive and have set up at the next venue.


Timings for the day - Church Ceremony and Drinks Reception


The booking time is from when I start playing to when I finish incl any time needed to move to and set up at another venue. 

What will you wear?

I arrive in something comfy to move the harp - please don’t be alarmed. I will get changed into something much more glamorous after I’ve moved the harp. 

I've paid the booking fee, what is the remainder that I owe and where can I find it?

You can find the second and final payment which is due at the bottom of the invoice which was sent to you - All payment details are included on the invoice.

What is the booking process?

1) Once you have filled in the 'Interested in hiring Caroline form' or the 'bespoke quote form' (if your event is not covered by the quote finder) and submitted the form, Caroline will reply to confirm her availability. If you would like to go ahead and book her, please reply to the email to confirm that you would like to proceed.

2) Upon receiving a confirmation email from you that you wish to proceed, Caroline will endeavour to send out an invoice within a week (7 days). All payment details will be displayed on the bottom of the invoice. Once I have sent out the invoice I will send you an email to confirm that the invoice has been sent out to you to your email address. 

3) Upon sending out the invoice, the date is entered into my calendar. Please check your junk/spam folders for the invoice if you can't find it. Once you've transferred the booking fee, please reply on the same email chain (so it's all neat and tidy! I do try!) to notify me so that I can confirm receipt. I require the payment of the invoice to be made within the week (7 days) once the invoice is sent out. After this date the quote and invoice can no longer be guaranteed and your date may well be offered to someone else. 

4) If upon receiving the invoice you decide against booking Caroline and decide not to transfer the 50% booking fee, it is required that you email Caroline to let her know within 48 hours after the invoice has been sent out to you. This is so that the date is removed from the diary and can be offered to someone else. 

5) Having collected the relevant information from the form you have completed on my website, don't expect to hear from me until around a week before, when I will check in with you by email, but I'm here if you need me.

Please input doc into fix faqs app.
Another question to be added to FAQs:
Can I hear what our choice of songs will sound like?
I have some recordings on my website which are available for you to listen to which have been professionally recorded. However I am unable to record and send requested songs, but please do book a consultation if you would like to. 

How much space do you need?

140cm in depth and 120cm in width

How wide does a staircase need to be to fit the harp and trolley?

The harp trolley with the harp on it is 60cm in width so the staircase would need to be able to accommodate this. 

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